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TABLE G-2 Example of Restaurant Key Food Categories for Hamburgers

Main NSRI Restaurant Food Category

Restaurant Key Food Category

Restaurant Key Food Category Description



Plain ground beef burgers and ground beef burgers with toppings other than cheese. Excludes turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and any ground beef burger with cheese.



Ground beef cheeseburgers and ground beef cheeseburgers with toppings. Excludes turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and any ground beef burger without cheese.

to sodium levels (Table G-2). As with packaged foods, once proposed key food categories were developed by NSRI, they were reviewed and modified based upon conference call discussions and meetings with restaurant chains, food service companies, and restaurant trade associations.

Restaurant/Food Service Targets

Proposed targets by food category were developed first by analysis of the NSRI Restaurant Food Database. Market share-weighted mean sodium content (mg/100 g) was calculated for each category.

Proposed key food category targets were set based on a percentage reduction from the mean. Initial 2012 and 2014 targets corresponded to a reduction of 10 percent and an additional reduction of 15 percent from the baseline sodium content. During individual meetings with restaurants, proposed targets for each key food category and a proposed maximum were discussed. Further adjustments were made to proposed targets following discussions at the meetings and receipt of written documentation with supporting data from industry.

Companies are encouraged to submit blinded sales information, so that the company’s category mean is weighted by sales. In addition to a category-specific sodium target, an overall maximum for sodium content as served is proposed for any item for 2012 and 2014. For a restaurant to meet category-specific targets, either the mean sodium or the sales-weighted mean sodium of the restaurant’s products in that category must be at or below the target. For a company to comply with a maximum, the sodium content of all individual items served must be below the defined threshold.

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