TABLE 7-4 Noise Values for Selected European Countries


Valuation Technique

Recommended or Official Noise Value in Euros, 2002




46.7 €/dB/person affected/year for Leq day > 55 dB

Transport project



0.4 to 1.1%/dB for Leq day > 55 +30% for Leq day > 70 dB & Leq night > 65 dB

Road and rail project




1,000 to 1,170 €/affected person/year (according to the mode of transport)

Road, rail, and air project, and environmental protection project



32.2 €/dB/person affected/year for Leq day > 55 dB

Transport project



0 € at 50 dB to 1,810 € at 85 dB (Leq 24h)/person affected/year

Road project



500 €/person affected/year for Leq day > 55 dB and for Leq night >45 dB

Road project

states use for reporting to FHWA. Costs also vary by state with prevailing construction costs, design requirements (barrier dimensions of height and length), and the definition of a cost basis for each state. Nevertheless, there appear to be sufficient data to predict costs when the specifics of a building site are known.

Present FHWA policy limits noise mitigation around highways to the construction of barriers, so the relative merits and costs of noise reduction from the installation of quieter road surfaces, although currently being investigated, are not part of noise mitigation policy.

Recommendation 7-1: A formal cost-benefit analysis should be performed to compare the costs and benefits of using pavement technology for noise reduction with the costs and benefits of installing noise barriers. This cost-benefit analysis should be a cooperative effort of the Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the several states with technology programs in road surface design. Inputs to the analysis should include data from analyses of noise reduction efforts around airports.


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