• Interdisciplinary Care Teams. Care delivery teams will be interdisciplinary and connect in ways to be most effective to meet patient needs. They will evolve from current models in which team members operate in organizational silos or forced matrices (e.g., committees) within organizations. Instead of nurses developing the patient’s care plan for the hospital stay, interdisciplinary teams will plan the patient’s transition to the next level of care. New team roles will develop to manage the transformed system. Care delivery models will be designed with interfaces to effectively coordinate services across multiple disciplines and settings. Clinical and therapeutic decision making will be collaborative.

  • Shared Information Environments. Rich, accessible information environments will complete the transition from manual care models to e-care with human caring. Care delivery models will be designed to provide access to the information needed for clinical and therapeutic practice. Models will be designed to provide the information environment required for critical thinking and professional judgment, open access to records, and fully wired patient care settings. Documentation will become a byproduct of the care process, not its own process.


Changing the way we think includes discarding our current models of work and replacing them with something altogether different. Hospital leaders need to foster cultures of innovation and build effective teams to do the work. Regulators need to help remove the barriers that now prevent such innovation and allow the system outcomes to better inform the direction and application of the regulatory environment. Changing the way we think requires serious culture change and transformational leadership.


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