and private-sector leaders to develop standards, policies, and practices. The NEHRP agencies have established three overarching, long-term Strategic Goals, with 14 associated objectives, to support this mission:

Goal A: Improve understanding of earthquake processes and impacts.

• Objective 1: Advance understanding of earthquake phenomena and generation processes.

• Objective 2: Advance understanding of earthquake effects on the built environment.

• Objective 3: Advance understanding of the social, behavioral, and economic factors linked to implementing risk reduction and mitigation strategies in the public and private sectors.

• Objective 4: Improve post-earthquake information acquisition and management.

Goal B: Develop cost-effective measures to reduce earthquake impacts on individuals, the built environment, and society-at-large.

• Objective 5: Assess earthquake hazards for research and practical application.

• Objective 6: Develop advanced loss estimation and risk assessment tools.

• Objective 7: Develop tools that improve the seismic performance of buildings and other structures.

• Objective 8: Develop tools that improve the seismic performance of critical infrastructure.

Goal C: Improve the earthquake resilience of communities nationwide.

• Objective 9: Improve the accuracy, timeliness, and content of earthquake information products.

• Objective 10: Develop comprehensive earthquake risk scenarios and risk assessments.

• Objective 11: Support development of seismic standards and building codes and advocate their adoption and enforcement.

• Objective 12: Promote the implementation of earthquake-resilient measures in professional practice and in private and public policies.

• Objective 13: Increase public awareness of earthquake hazards and risks.

• Objective 14: Develop the nation’s human resource base in earthquake safety fields.

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