A10-1 The C. gattii outbreak expanded into, and emerged within, the United States
A10-2 Cryptococcus pathogenic species complex
A10-3 Cryptococcus neoformans can reproduce unisexually and bisexually
A10-4 Sexual reproduction and the origin of an outbreak
A11-1 Mechanisms of fungal sensing and control
A12-1 Typical macroscopic symptoms of rust infections on adult wheat plants
A12-2 Map indicating the distribution of global wheat production and regions of recent yellow rust epidemics
A14-1 The increase in goods (109 tons × km) moved in the United Kingdom from the 1930s to the 1990s
A14-2 The world in 1897, with British possessions marked in red
A16-1 Current distribution of Phytophthora ramorum in California and Oregon forests
A17-1 Summary of observations that show the Earth is warming (red arrows) while the Sun has been constant over the same period of time
A17-2 A comparison of the existing four global surface temperature datasets that are used in climate analyses
A17-3 Sea-level rise based on radar altimeters from TOPEX and Jason, with seasonal variations removed
A17-4 A comparison between the total solar irradiance and the NASA/GISS surface temperature data, both from 1979 to 2010
A17-5 Representation of a general circulation model
A17-6 Change in precipitation between the 1971–2000 average and the 2091–2100 average in inches of liquid water/year
A17-7 Rift Valley fever major outbreak events plotted against time and the Southern Oscillation Index, a measure of the phase of El Niño/Southern Oscillation events
A17-8 Summary Rift Valley fever (RVF) risk maps for (A) Eastern Africa: September 2006–May 2007; (B) Sudan: May 2007–December 2007; (C) Southern Africa: September 2007–May 2008; and (D) Madagascar: September 2007–May 2008
A17-9 Stem rust symptoms on wheat
A17-10 False-color Landsat satellite data (RGB 642) showing glaciers as the blue colors. The green colors represent green vegetation and the red colors represent areas of rock, sand, and soil

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