or EMTREE vocabulary to also capture all narrower terms associated with the broader concept.

BIOSIS (in OVID SP) and Web of Science (Science
Citation Index and Social Science Citation Index)

All BIOSIS search terms were submitted to the database using keyword or keyword-phrase searches and were not qualified or limited to a specific field. In OVID SP BIOSIS, when a search term is not qualified, it is automatically searched in the following fields: abstract; biosystematic code; book title; chemicals and biochemicals; concept codes; diseases; gene name; major concepts; miscellaneous descriptors; methods and equipment; organisms; parts, structure; sequence data; super taxa; titles; taxa notes; text words; heading words; subject headings; and meeting information.

All Web of Science searches were submitted to the databases as topic searches that automatically search titles, abstracts, and author-supplied keywords.


Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine Searches in

Measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine searches in MEDLINE and EMBASE started with four “base sets” with which all specific adverse events identified for consideration were combined:

  1. Measles mumps rubella vaccine/
  2. (Measles vaccine/ or (vaccination/ and measles/))
  3. (Mumps vaccine/ or (vaccination/ and mumps/))
  4. (Rubella vaccine/ or (vaccination/ and rubella/))

Each set above was combined with each of the sets below. Each pair resulting from this combination was deduplicated, when the online database provided this utility, and then exported to an EndNote library:

  • Anaphylaxis/ or anaphylactic shock/
  • Exp arthralgia/ or exp arthritis/ or arthropathy, neurogenic/ or exp arthropathy/
  • Autistic disorder/ or autism/ or infantile autism/
  • (Asperger syndrome/ or Rett syndrome/ or schizophrenia, childhood/ or child development disorders, pervasive/ or childhood

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