TABLE D-1 Causality Conclusions Organized by Chapter and Adverse Event

Chapter Vaccine Adverse Event Epidemiologic Assessment Mechanistic Assessment Causality Conclusion
4 MMR Measles Inclusion Body Encephalitis Insufficient Strong (measles; in individuals with demonstrated immunodeficiencies) Lacking (mumps or rubella) Convincingly Supportsa (in individuals with demonstrated immunodeficiencies)
4 MMR Encephalitis Limited Weak Inadequate
4 MMR Encephalopathy Limited Weak Inadequate
4 MMR Febrile Seizures High (increase) Intermediate Convincingly Supports
4 MMR Afebrile Seizures Limited Lacking Inadequate
4 MMR Meningitisb Moderate (null) Weak (mumps) Lacking (measles or rubella) Inadequate
4 MMR Ataxia Insufficient Weak (measles or mumps) Lacking (rubella) Inadequate
4 MMR Autism High (null) Lacking Favors Rejection
4 MMR Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis Insufficient Weak Inadequate
4 MMR Transverse Myelitis Insufficient Weak Inadequate

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