Survey Overview and Testimony Questions

To help the committee, individuals and organizations are invited to share their thoughts and concerns about pain care, including:

  • barriers to and opportunities for improving pain care,
  • groups that may be inadequately treated for pain,
  • patient experiences in seeking treatment, and
  • provider experiences providing pain care (the committee is particularly interested in the perspectives of primary care clinicians).

The committee invites individuals living with pain and their families, caregivers, health care professionals, and others interested in these issues to share their comments.

You may submit written comments in any or all of the following areas. To share your thoughts, please complete the following electronic form.

Question 1: Barriers to Pain Care
What do you see as the biggest barriers or obstacles to affordable, accessible, and effective pain care in the U.S. today?

Question 2: Improving Pain Care
What three changes in our health care system could improve pain care?

Question 3: Undertreated Groups
Are there groups of people you believe are not receiving adequate or effective pain care? If so, who are they and why do you think that?

Question 4: Experiences Seeking Treatment for Pain
If you are an individual living with pain, please describe your experiences seeking help to treat your pain.

Question 5: Experiences Providing Pain Treatment
If you are a health care professional, please tell us about your experiences in trying to provide quality pain care for your patients and problems you encounter. Please indicate if you are a primary care clinician or specialist (and what specialty).

Question 6: Additional Comments
If you have additional thoughts about advancing pain research, care, and education or would like to share that information related to the committee’s work, please use the space provided below to do so. You may also email documents or articles to support your testimony to

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