The panel identified 11 biomedical science fields to examine in this study (Table S-1). An Excel table with data for each program in these fields is available with this report at

TABLE S-1 Fields in the Biomedical Sciences in the Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs and Number of Programs Included in Each Field

Field Name Number of Programs

Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology 157
Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering 74
Cell and Developmental Biology 120
Genetics and Genomics 66
Immunology and Infectious Disease 68
Integrated Biological and Biomedical Sciences 113
Microbiology 71
Neuroscience and Neurobiology 93
Nutrition 45
Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Environmental Health 117
Physiology 58


At the outset, it is important for the reader to understand the sources and some of the limitations of the data used to produce the correlations and other descriptions in this report. The committee authoring the Assessment identified several sources of errors in the data that could not be eliminated, including classification errors and data collection errors (see Box 2-1). The omission of field-specific measures, such as books, patents, and articles presented at refereed conferences in some science and engineering fields, means that the data do not capture the full scope of a program’s research productivity. Once the data were released, institutions and others identified additional problems, which led to the release of a corrected data table in April, 2011. In addition to data from the Assessment, data on training grants and training slots were collected from the NIH website.

The panel created pairwise correlations for a dozen characteristics of biomedical science programs (variables)3 of interest to NIH:

Average Publications per Faculty Member Average GRE Scores
Average Citations per Publication Percent of Non-Asian Minority Students


3 Definitions of these and other relevant variables used in the Assessment are found in Appendix C.

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