students, 20-50 hours of training (exception: 1 class was 200 hours).                                                                (factual, inference, application) about material. Content scores standardized to combine data across sites. Finding: Statistically significant gain from pre to post.                     
Perin (1997) Reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing Classroom instruction in job-related vocabulary, summarizing written concepts, producing correct sentence structure in writing, reading patient charts, rephrasing information, understanding categories on patient forms, following written directions, formulating questions, and study skills inc. note taking and library skills—all tasks related to mental health care job. 48 lessons, 96 hours.                      N = 181, health care aides in 24 classrooms in workplace literacy program in 5 urban psychiatric hospitals. Mean prose-reading score on ETS Test of Applied Literacy (TALS) = 293, within range considered minimum for workforce functioning Pre-experimental: 1 group pretestposttest design, standardized and experimental literacy tests Reading comprehension (generic and job related) and writing (job related). Finding: Statistically significant gains on job-related reading and writing tests but not on generic standardized reading comprehension test.                     

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