in reports that were identified. Committee members, public workshop presenters and attendees, interested stakeholders, and the public also provided suggested sources for review (see the end of this appendix for a list of reports included in the review).

Approximately 800 obesity-prevention related recommendations were identified from these reports. To manage this large number of recommendations, the committee organized them into 10 broad topics (school foods; health care; food marketing; agriculture policy; physical activity, physical inactivity, transportation, and the built environment; pregnancy, early childhood, and child care; nutrition education and information; research, monitoring, and evaluation; food access and pricing; other). Within each broad topic, similar recommendations were grouped to help identify themes and continue to identify gaps.

Review and Filtering

Each recommendation that met the above inclusion criteria was reviewed and coded on several dimensions based on the committee’s guiding principles (see Chapter 4) so the committee could assess its promise for accelerating progress in obesity prevention over the next decade. A textual description of each filter was provided to the coder to ensure consistency in judgments. The filters used were

  policy or funding dependent;


  potential magnitude of impact;

  evidence base;

  reduction of disparities;

  geographic implementation to date;

  degree to which recommendation is actionable;


  unintended consequences;

  timeline to implementation; and

  feasibility, practicality, and cost if known.

At least two coders were assigned to each recommendation or group of related recommendations. Each coder worked independently, and disagreements were resolved through discussion. If consensus was not readily obtained by the pair of coders, additional committee members were consulted. Once agreement had been reached, both coders’ comments on the promise of the strategy were compiled,

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