Potential actions include

  developing a joint effort (modeled after the Healthy Weight Commitment initiative) to set a specific goal for substantially reducing the total annual calories served to children in these facilities; and

  ensuring that at least half of all children’s meals are consistent with the food and calorie guidelines of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans for moderately active 4- to 8-year-olds and are competitively priced.

Strategy 2-3: Utilize Strong Nutritional Standards for all Foods and Beverages Sold or Provided Through the Government, and Ensure That These Healthy Options Are Available in All Places Frequented by the Public

Government agencies (federal, state, local, and school district) should ensure that all foods and beverages sold or provided through the government are aligned with the age-specific recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The business community and the private sector operating venues frequented by the public should ensure that a variety of foods and beverages, including those recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, are sold or served at all times.

For government agencies, potential actions include

  the federal government expanding the healthy vending/concession guidelines to include all government-owned and/or -operated buildings, worksites, facilities,4 and other locations where foods and beverages are sold/served; and

  all state and local government-owned and -operated buildings, worksites, facilities, and other locations where foods and beverages are sold/served (including through vending machines and concession stands) adopting and implementing a healthy food and beverage vending/concession policy.


4 “Government-owned and -operated buildings, worksites, and facilities” is defined broadly to include not only places of work but also locations such as government-owned and/or -operated child care centers, hospitals, and other health care/assisted living facilities, military bases, correctional facilities, and educational institutions.

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