of a syphilis epidemic in gay men in Chicago: “We put signs on the buses. The epidemic went away. The signs came down. The epidemic came back.” He suggested that three things are needed to stop an epidemic: an evidence base, an implementation system, and political will.

Key Messages Raised by Individual Speakers

  •  Violence is contagious both within and across types of violence (Dubow, Fagan, Gould, Huesmann, Slutkin, Watts).

  •  Social norms contribute to the contagion of violence and norms change has the potential to interrupt it (Fagan, Gould, Slutkin, Watts).

  •  Media can both facilitate and prevent the contagion of violence; however, the role of the Internet in the contagion process is not well understood (Fagan, Gould, Huesmann, Watts).

  •  Dose-response effect applies across types of violence (Dubow, Gould, Watts).

  •  Understanding the contagion process can inform the development of violence prevention interventions as well as illuminate potential unintended consequences that affect other types of violence (Bell, Fagan, Gould, Watts).


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