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9°C, although the plant can tolerate brief periods of temperatures down to 0°C without apparent harm. Light frosts will shrivel the leaves and concentrate starch in the tubers.

High Temperature. In Peru, achira is cultivated in the warm Andean valleys where temperatures of 20–25°C are normal. In the Brazilian plateau country (planalto), some achira cultivars survive at 30–32°C during the dry season.

Soil Type. Achira grows in most types of soils, including those with acidities from pH 4.5 to 8.0. The plant tolerates heavy soils and, reportedly, weathered, acidic, tropical latosols as well. Like most root crops, however, achira does best in loose, well-watered, well-drained, and rich soils. The rhizomes form poorly in compacted clays.

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