Cutberto Garza, M.D., Ph.D., is director and professor of the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University. He has conducted research on milk composition, physiologic responses of full-term and preterm infants to human milk, and relationships of maternal nutritional status to milk production. Dr. Garza has served on several committees of the National Institutes of Health and on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on International Nutrition Programs.

Armond S. Goldman, M.D., is professor of pediatrics, and chief of the Division of Immunology/Allergy at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He has conducted research on the immunology of human milk, anti-inflammatory properties of human milk, effects of length of pregnancy and lactation on the immunologic system in human milk, evaluation of lactation performance, and the evaluation of human milk for banking. Dr. Goldman chaired the International Conference on the Effects of Human Milk on the Recipient Infant, which was sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Jere D. Haas, Ph.D., is professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University. He has conducted research on the maternal, fetal, and infant responses to stresses at extreme high altitudes as well as on relationships between maternal nutritional status and fetal growth, postnatal growth, and postnatal development and morbidity in Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Indonesia, and the United States.

Margit Hamosh, Ph.D., is professor in the Department of Pediatrics and chief of the department's Division of Developmental Biology and Nutrition at Georgetown University Medical Center. She is also adjunct professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Systems at the University of Maryland. She has conducted research on lung development as well as on fat digestion and absorption, lipid clearance, the composition of human milk, and the function of its components in the neonate. Dr. Hamosh has served on several committees of the National Institutes of Health.

Francis E. Johnston, Ph.D., is professor and chairman of the Department of Anthropology of the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on the growth, development, and body composition of children and youth, especially in relationship to nutritional status.

Janet C. King, Ph.D., is professor of nutrition and chair of the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. She has conducted research on nutritional needs during pregnancy and has published on the protein, energy, and zinc requirements of pregnant women. She has served on many national committees involved in establishing policies relating to prenatal care.

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