Series, the Clinical Professor Series, Acting Assistant Professors, and Supervisor of Physical Education Series.

  1. Non-Senate Academic Appointees. Discipline of unrepresented appointees in this category must conform to the requirements of APM 140 and PPM 230-5. Included in this category are Academic Administrators, Academic Coordinators, Program Coordinators, Continuing Education Specialists, CME Fellows, Postgraduate Researchers, Professional Research Series, Research Associates, Research Fellows, Specialist Series, Visiting Researchers, Clinical Affiliates, Visiting Professor Series, Language Assistants, Readers, Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Visiting Scholars, and Librarians excluded from the bargaining unit because of their supervisorial status.

    Discipline and dismissal actions involving exclusively represented non-Senate academic appointees must conform to the requirements of Article XXXI of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of California and the University Council-American Federation of Teachers.

  2. Staff Appointees. Appointees in this category are either (a) exclusively represented by a union, in which case the Memorandum of Understanding applies to disciplinary actions taken against them, or (b) covered by staff personnel policies, specifically Staff Personnel Policy 740, Dismissal of Regular Status Employees.

  3. Postdoctoral Scholars, Fellows, and Trainees. (Grievance and disciplinary procedures for this classification are under development.)

  4. Students. Charges of misconduct by a student will be processed in accordance with existing procedures for disciplining students.

  5. House Staff. Section J, Personnel Records, Discipline, Dismissal, Due Process of the House Officer Policy and Procedure Document, approved by the chancellor on June 13, 1985, governs the discipline and dismissal of House Staff.

  6. Librarians. Librarians are exclusively represented by the University Council-American Federation of Teachers, and discipline and dismissal actions involving non-excluded Librarians must conform to the requirements of Article XXIV, Corrective Action, Dismissal, Release. Discipline and dismissal of excluded librarians (those excluded from the bargaining unit because of their supervisorial status) are covered in Category 2.

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