Mr. Roger U. Fujii is operations manager at Logicon, where he manages a number of Department of Defense and NASA software development and verification programs for flightcritical systems. Mr. Fujii has over twenty years of experience managing the safety and performance of large software programs, including nuclear missile systems such as Peacekeeper and Minuteman, the B1-B bomber, and numerous space systems for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Air Force.

Dr. John D. Gannon is a professor of computer science at the University of Maryland. His research, supported by the U.S. Air Force and the Office of Naval Research, has concentrated on the use of formal methods to prove properties of software requirements to serve as test articles for implementations. Dr. Gannon serves on the editorial boards of IEEE Transactions in Software Engineering and ACM Computer Surveys, and is a former program director of Software Engineering for the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Richard A. Kemmerer is a professor of computer science at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Dr. Kemmerer has consulted for numerous government agencies including the Department of Defense and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He has served on a number of national committees and working groups, including the Committee on Computer Security of the National Research Council's Computer Science and Telecommunications Board. Dr. Kemmerer has written extensively on the utility of formal specifications for testing and verification of large, critical software systems.

Dr. Robert O. Polvado is an analyst in the Office of Research and Development at the Central Intelligence Agency. He has experience with verification and validation of software in numerous intelligence systems applications as well as real-time software applications within industry. Dr. Polvado consults on software-engineering quality and management issues throughout the agency and serves on numerous working groups within the government to improve the safety and quality of software systems.

Dr. Willis H. Ware is a senior member of the corporate research staff at the RAND Corporation. Dr. Ware is an expert on computer security and the impact of computers on society. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and has served on numerous national and international advisory bodies. His career spans the history of computers, and he is often called upon to testify before Congress and to comment on related legislation.

Mr. Wallace H. Whittier is currently the program engineering manager for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company. Mr. Whittier has managed the development of a number of spacecraft software systems including the HST flight software and has over thirty years of experience in the aerospace industry. He co-chaired the HST Software Working Group and managed the HST Hardware/Software Integration Facility. He is currently responsible for engineering support for the planned HST servicing mission and was responsible for the upgrade of on-board software to accommodate unexpected solar array dynamics. Mr. Whittier received the NASA Public Service Medal in 1991 for flight software/hardware integration on the HST.

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