Law / Regulation




Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)

42 USC 9601 et seq.

Remediation of past chemical disposal sites and assignment of liability

Also known as "Superfund" law

Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA)

42 USC 9601 et seq.

42 USC 11000 et seq.

Planning for emergencies and reporting of hazardous materials

Title III also known as Community Right-to-Know Act

National Contingency Plan

40 CFR 300-30

Cleanup requirements for spills and disposal sites


Emergency Planning and Notification

40 CFR 355

Requirements for reporting of extremely hazardous materials and unplanned releases

Applies to all chemical users

Hazardous Chemical Reporting: Community Right-to-Know Act(SARA 311-312)

40 CFR 370

Requirements for reporting of hazardous chemicals in use

Exempts hazardous chemicals laboratories(states may vary)used in research

Toxic Chemical Release Reporting (SARA 313)

40 CFR 372

Requirements for reporting chemical releases of

Applies only to manufacturing facilities (states may vary)

Toxic Substances Control Act(TSCA)

15 USC 2601 et seq.

Protection of human health and the environment by requiring testing and necessary restrictions on use of certain chemical substances

Collection and development of information on chemicals

Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements

40 CFR 704

One provision exempts users of small quantities solely for research and development(R&D)

Must follow R&D exemption requirements

Significant Adverse Reaction

40 CFR 717

Record of new allegation that chemical substance or mixture caused significant adverse effect for health or the environment

TSCA 8(c)

Premanufacture Notification(PMN)

40 CFR 720

Premanufacture notification(PMN) for chemical not on TSCA Inventory

Requires notification of EPA before manufacture or import of new chemical substance

Technically Qualified Individual(TQI)

40 CFR 720.3(ee)

Definition of technically qualified individual (TQI) by background, understanding of risks, responsibilities, and legal requirements

Follow TQI requirements with R&D

TSCA Exemption for Research and Development (R&D)

40 CFR 720.36

Exemption for R&D from PMN if chemical substance not on TSCA Inventory is manufactured or imported only in small quantities solely for R&D

Follow R&D exemption requirements including labeling and MSDS information

Polychlorinated Biphenyls(PCBs)

40 CFR 761

Prohibitions against PCBs in manufacturing, processing, distribution in commerce, and use prohibitions

Permits certain limited laboratory use of PCBs

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