1. Dates.

  1. Effective date. This section shall become effective May 1, 1990.

  2. Start-up dates.

  1. Employers shall have developed and implemented a written Chemical Hygiene Plan no later than January 31, 1991.

  2. Paragraph (a)(2) of this section shall not take effect until the employer has developed and implemented a written Chemical Hygiene Plan.

  1. Appendices. The information contained in the appendices is not intended, by itself, to create any additional obligations not otherwise imposed or to detract from any existing obligation.

Appendix A to 1910.1450--National Research Council Recommendations Concerning Chemical Hygiene in Laboratories (Non-Mandatory)

Table of Contents






Corresponding Sections of the Standard and This Appendix




A. General Principles




1. Minimize All Chemical Exposures




2. Avoid Underestimation of Risk




3. Provide Adequate Ventilation




4. Institute a Chemical Hygiene Program




5. Observe the PELs and TLVs




B. Responsibilities




1. Chief Executive Officer




2. Supervisor of Administrative Unit




3. Chemical Hygiene Officer




4. Laboratory Supervisor




5. Project Director




6. Laboratory Worker




C. The Laboratory Facility




1. Design




2. Maintenance




3. Usage




4. Ventilation




D. Components of the Chemical Hygiene Plan




1. Basic Rules and Procedures




2. Chemical Procurement, Distribution, and Storage




3. Environmental Monitoring




4. Housekeeping, Maintenance and Inspections




5. Medical Program




6. Personal Protective Apparel and Equipment




7. Records




8. Signs and Labels




9. Spills and Accidents




10. Training and Information




11. Waste Disposal




E. General Procedures for Working with Chemicals




1. General Rules for All Laboratory Work with Chemicals




2. Allergens and Embryotoxins




3. Chemicals of Moderate Chronic or High Acute Toxicity




4. Chemicals of High Chronic Toxicity




5. Animal Work with Chemicals of High Chronic Toxicity




F. Safety Recommendations




G. Material Safety Data Sheets




As guidance for each employer's development of an appropriate laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan, the following non-mandatory recommendations are provided. They were extracted from "Prudent Practices for Handling Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories" (referred to below as "Prudent Practices"), which was published in 1981 by the National Research Council and is available from the National Academy Press, 2101 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington DC 20418.

"Prudent Practices" is cited because of its wide distribution and acceptance and because of its preparation by members of the laboratory community through the sponsorship of the National Research Council. However, none of the recommendations given here will modify any requirements of the laboratory standard. This appendix merely presents pertinent recommendations from "Prudent Practices," organized into a form convenient for quick reference during operation of a laboratory facility and during development and appli-

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