FIGURE 4 Environmental performance (Ciba-Textile Products Division vs. best competitor).

Figure 4 provides summary measurement data for the environmental assistance and responsiveness categories for the past 5 years. These results are measured relative to Ciba's best competitor. The overall environmental performance ratings by our customers for 1989–1990 indicate that a little more than 20 percent of Ciba's customers perceived the company to be clearly #1, 10 percent perceived Ciba to be clearly not #1, and the balance (slightly fewer than 70 percent) perceived Ciba to be tied for #1. During late 1990, Ciba-TPD began concerted efforts to improve their overall environmental performance, as perceived by their customers, and in 1993 40 percent of Ciba customers perceived Ciba to be clearly #1, or nearly double the 1989–1990 average results; fewer than 10 percent perceived to be, clearly not #1, a modest decrease from the 1989–1990 average results; and 50 percent perceived Ciba to be tied for #1.

These environmental performance numbers indicate that by 1993, more than 90 percent of the company's customers perceived Ciba-TPD to be #1 or tied for #1 with the company's best competitor, and major gains were made in comparison to best competitor since 1989–1990, as evidenced by the doubling of the company's clearly #1 ratings.

As described above, solicited feedback on packaging includes a number of attribute measures, one of which is environmental (i.e., ease of recycling). Figure 5 provides summary measurement data for packaging overall for the past 3 years. Although Ciba-TPD has invested significantly in improving its packaging during

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