Epidemiologic Research

Biomedical Research

Applied/Operational Studies

Ethnographic and Behavioral Research

Hospital case series investigations of higher prevalence and mortality rates for rheumatic heart disease in SSA females

Development of simple, cheap treatment regimens for HIV-infected pregnant women to reduce perinatal transmission

Development of noninvasive, simple, rapid, affordable diagnostic tests for identification of women with asymptomatic STD infection

—development of simple management algorithms for opportunistic infections and neoplasms

Intervention trials to help women, especially adolescents, in skills and self-esteem building to reject unsafe sexual behavior


Development of female-controlled prevention methods, e.g., safe intravaginal microbicidal agents, with or without contraceptive effect


Studies of long-term effects of childhood malnutrition on female work capacity


Studies of functional consequences of adult malnutrition, including, but not limited to, physical consequences


NOTE: DALY = disability-adjusted life year; SSA = Sub-Saharan African; and STD = sexually transmitted disease.

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