Figure 2-1

Rates of reported syphilis (primary and secondary cases) and gonorrhea in the United States and other developed countries, 1995. SOURCES: 1) Australia: Herceg A, Oliver G, Myint H, Andrews G, Curran M, Crerar S, et al. Annual report of the national notifiable diseases surveillance system, 1995. Communicable Diseases Intelligence, Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services. October 14, 1996;20:440-464. Rates of primary and secondary syphilis not available; 2) Canada: JoAnne Doherty, Laboratory Center for Disease Control, Division of STD Prevention & Control, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, personal communication, November 1996; 3) Denmark: Dr. Inga Lind, WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research in Gonococci, Copenhagen, Denmark, personal communication, November 1996; 4) England: Hannah Bowers, Public Health Laboratory Services, Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre, London, England, United Kingdom, personal communication, November 1996; 5) Germany: Dr. Lyle Petersen, Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany, personal communication, November 1996; 6) Sweden: Dr. Kristina Ramstedt, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Epidemiological Department, personal communication, November 1996; 7) United States: Division of STD Prevention, Sexually transmitted disease surveillance, 1995. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service. Atlanta: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, September 1996.

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