services, dental care, nutritional counseling, health education, social services, radiology, and laboratory services. Of 55,000 patient visits annually, approximately 45 percent are for pediatric care, 28 percent are for obstetrics/gynecology services, 10 percent are for dental care, and the remaining 17 percent are for adult medicine, including geriatrics. All 12 physicians at the centers have admitting privileges at two or more hospitals and provide 24-hour coverage for health center patients. The centers emphasizes preventive care, including nutrition counseling, management of chronic health problems to improve quality of life, and participation in community health fairs and screening programs. The centers provides WIC vouchers and, under an arrangement staffed by the county, conducts WIC certification at the centers.

The centers have a well-developed and comprehensive STD program. STD-related services are provided through regular primary health care services rather than through a separate STD clinic. All persons seeking family planning and obstetrics services are offered STD testing. Individuals who suspect they may have an STD make an appointment with their regular provider, who conducts an examination and orders all necessary lab tests. At the time of the diagnosis the client receives counseling. Follow-up is conducted by the staff social worker, and a staff member conducts partner notification and contact-tracing in cooperation with the Fulton County STD program. The West End Medical Centers, Inc., appears to represent a model community-based program, with strong community ties and a high-quality medical and public health program.

Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area Chicago, IL

Planned Parenthood of the Chicago Area (PP/CA) operates six health centers that provide reproductive health care services to approximately 16,000 women annually. These services include birth control education and contraceptives, pregnancy testing, screening and treatment for STDs, and HIV counseling and testing. Three of the health centers are operated on a standard fee basis, and the others are operated on fees based on a sliding scale of income. PP/CA offers comprehensive medical services for women and adolescents, linking the adolescents to communities through their school-based programs. Funded by Title X funds, state funds, private donations, and grants from a local foundation, the aim of PP/CA is to provide the highest quality services in a comfortable and attractive environment, regardless of a client's ability to pay. The program offers a wide range of preventive screening including chlamydial, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV counseling and testing, and Pap smears, in addition to contraception counseling and services. The program seeks to provide a "medical home" for adolescents, and many teenagers have become accustomed to receiving services at the Planned Parenthood Clinics.

PP/CA operates a community outreach program in several high schools called

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