Selected Resources on Misconceptions

This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but instead aims to provide a starting point for those seeking additional reading on this topic.

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A bibliography of some 3,500 published items called Students' Alternative Frame works in Science is available on-line in two parts (introduction and database) and can be downloaded anonymously from an FTP server.

user id: anonymous

password: your e-mail address

directory: physlrnr

Download files "plr11" (the intro, about 25 KB) and "plr12" (the database, about 700 KB). There are two versions of each, one in Word 5.1 for Mac suffixed "mac.bin" and another for pc in Word for Windows 2.0 suffixed "pc.doc."

Dykstra, D. I., Jr. 1995. From email discussion list posted to on Feb. 15, 1995, subject Scientific misunderstandings, by David Houseman. The archive for this list is located at

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