Two-way electronic voice communication between two or more people at separate locations.


The use of passwords, keys, and other automated identifiers to verify the identity of the person sending or receiving information.

Automated data collection.

Direct transfer of physiological data from monitoring instruments to either a bedside display system or a computer-based patient record.



A high-capacity communications channel that carries data accumulated from smaller branches of the computer or telecommunications network.


A measure of the information carrying capacity of a communications channel; a practical limit to the size, cost, and capability of a telemedicine service.


A unit of digital transmission signaling speed of information transmission; the highest number of single information elements (bits) transferred between two devices (such as modems or fax machines) in one second.

Bell Operating Companies (BOCs).

Grouped under the seven Regional BOCs (see RBOC).


Binary digit, the smallest possible unit of information making up a character or a word in digital code processed by computers.


The number of binary digits transmitted per second in a data communication system.


Communications (e.g., broadcast television, microwave, and satellite) capable of carrying a wide range of frequencies; refers to transmission of signals in a frequency-modulated fashion, over a segment of the total bandwidth available, thereby permitting simultaneous transmission of several messages.


A set of eight bits.


Cable television (CATV).

A transmission system that distributes broadcast television signals and other services by means of a coaxial cable.

Central processing unit (CPU).

A unit of a computer that includes circuits controlling the interpretation and execution of instructions.


A radio frequency assignment made according to the frequency

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