processes (for grades K through 12), the nature of scientific inquiry, technological design and the connections between science and technology, science in personal and social perspectives, and the history and nature of science.

In chapters 1 through 5 of this guide, each annotation of core and supplementary curriculum material includes a list labeled "Key to Content Standards: 5-8." This key indicates the content standards addressed in depth in the material. Readers can turn to this appendix to review the full text of all content standards listed in each key. (No key is given for student activity books, since they are not usually intended to focus on science concepts in depth.)

Each NSES content standard in this appendix has fundamental concepts and principles (which appear under the subheading "Guide to the Content Standard"). However, it is important to recognize that the listing of a standard in an annotation does not necessarily imply that the instructional material addresses all of the fundamental concepts and principles included under that NSES standard.

The NSES document also includes content standards for grades K-4 and 9-12. Although many of the curriculum materials annotated here may address concepts described in the standards for levels K-4 and 9-12, it was beyond the scope of this guide to provide correlations with the K-4 and 9-12 standards.

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