Nationwide Pilot Test for the Identification Tagging of Explosives (1977-1980)

Gary H. Fuller (former Aerospace Corporation staff), Systems Support Inc., Great Falls, Va.

Taggant Concept—Microtrace Inc.

William J. Kerns and Charles W. Faulkner, Microtrace Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

Taggant Concept—Micro Tracers Inc.

David A. Eisenberg, Micro Tracer Inc., San Francisco, Calif.

Taggant Stakeholder—National Mining Association

Terry O'Connor and Bobby J. Jackson, National Mining Association, Washington, D.C.

Taggant Stakeholder—Institute of Makers of Explosives

J. Christopher Ronay, Institute of Markers of Explosives, Washington, D.C.

Taggants and Explosive Detection Research

David Boyd, National Institute of Justice, Washington, D.C.

Taggant Stakeholder—A Law Enforcement Perspective

Lt. Thomas Spencer and Sgt. Howard Rechtshaffen, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles, Calif.

Taggant Concept—Chemical Delivery Systems Inc.

Victor A. Cranich, Chemical Delivery Systems Inc., Kettering, Ohio

Taggant Concept—SRI International

James Colton, SRI International, Menlo Park, Calif.

Taggant Concept—Isotag LLC

Manuel E. Gonzalez and Dale Spall, Isotag LLC, Houston, Tex.

Taggant Concept—Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc.

Daniel Bolt, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc., Andover, Mass.

Taggant Concept—Tri-Valley Research

John Pearson and Robert M. Pearson, Tri-Valley Research, Medford, Ore.

Taggant Concept—BioTraces Inc.

Andrzej Drukier and James Wadiak, BioTraces Inc., Fairfax, Va.

Taggant Concept—Biocode Inc.

Frank Angella, Biocode Inc., Cambridge, Mass.

Taggant Concept—Innovative Biosystems Inc.

Keith Stormo, Innovative Biosystems Inc., Moscow, Idaho

Taggant Stakeholder—Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute

James J. Baker, Donald H. Burton, and Kenneth Green, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, Washington, D.C.

Taggant Stakeholder—National Rifle Association

Tanya K. Metaksa and Mark Barnes, National Rifle Association, Washington, D.C.

Taggant Stakeholder—Chemical Manufacturers Association

Marybeth Kelliher, Chemical Manufacturers Association, Arlington, Va.

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