1. In light of paragraph 3 of this Article, with the understanding that cooperation in water-related subjects would be to the benefit of both Parties, and will help alleviate their water shortages, and that water issues along their entire boundary must be dealt with in their totality, including the possibility of transboundary water transfers, the Parties agree to search for ways to alleviate water shortage and to cooperate in the following fields:
    1. development of existing and new water resources, increasing the water availability including cooperation on a regional basis as appropriate, and minimising wastage of water resources through the chain of their uses;
    2. prevention of contamination of water resources;
    3. mutual assistance in the alleviation of water shortages;
    4. transfer of information and joint research and development in water-related subjects, and review of the potentials for enhancement of water resources development and use.
    1. The implementation of both Parties' undertakings under this Article is detailed in Annex II.
  • Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty Annex IV Environment

    Israel and Jordan acknowledge the importance of the ecology of the region, its high environmental sensitivity and the need to protect the environment and prevent danger and risks for the health and well-being of the region's population. They both recognise the need for conservation of natural resources, protection of biodiversity and the imperative of attaining economic growth based on sustainable development principles.

    In light of the above, both Parties agree to co-operate in matters relating to environmental protection in general and to those that may mutually effect them. Areas of such co-operation are detailed as follows:

    1. Taking the necessary steps both jointly and individually to prevent damage and risks to the environment in general, and in particular those that may affect people, natural resources and environmental assets in the two countries respectively.

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