6-603. Executive Order No. 12875

This Executive order is not intended to limit the effect or mandate of Executive Order No. 12875.

6-604. Scope

For purposes of this order, Federal agency means any agency on the Working Group, and such other agencies as may be designated by the President, that conduct any Federal program or activity that substantially affects human health or the environment. Independent agencies are requested to comply with the provisions of this order.

6-605. Petitions for Exemptions

The head of a Federal agency may petition the President for an exemption from the requirements of this order on the grounds that all or some of the petitioning agency's programs or activities should not be subject to the requirements of this order.

6-606. Native American Programs

Each Federal agency responsibility set forth under this order shall apply equally to Native American programs. In addition, the Department of the Interior, in coordination with the Working Group, and, after consultation with tribal leaders, shall coordinate steps to be taken pursuant to this order that address Federally recognized Indian Tribes.

6-607. Costs

Unless otherwise provided by law, Federal agencies shall assume the financial costs of complying with this order.

6-608. General

Federal agencies shall implement this order consistent with, and to the extent permitted by, existing law.

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