which in turn contributes to an uncritical reliance on certain modeling assumptions (e.g., exponentiality) in circumstances in which they may not be tenable.

The manuals, handbooks and reference materials presently serving as the basis for military life-testing applications should be upgraded, the statistical level of the personnel who carry out the military's operational RAM testing analysis should be comparably enhanced, and the consideration of alternative models and methods for RAM testing should become routine in operational testing across the services.

Recommendation 7.12: Military reliability, availability, and maintainability testing should be informed and guided by a new battery of military handbooks containing a modern treatment of all pertinent topics in the fields of reliability and life testing, including, but not limited to, the design and analysis of standard and accelerated tests, the handling of censored data, stress testing, and the modeling of and testing for reliability growth. The modeling perspective of these handbooks should be broad and include practical advice on model selection and model validation. The treatment should include discussion of a broad array of parametric models and should also describe non-parametric approaches.

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