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APPENDIX B Contributors The Committee to Survey Opportunities in the Chemical Sciences gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the almost 400 colleagues listed below who made thoughtful suggestions, prepared commissioned papers on cutting-edge research, and critiqued drafts. But, of course, the committee is responsible for this report and its recommendations. ALDER, B.J., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ANDERSON, J., Harvard University ANDERSON, P.S., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories ANDREWS, D., Hoffmann-LaRoche, Incorporated ANSON, F., California Institute of Technology ARNETT, E.M., Duke University ASHWELL, G., National Institutes of Health BAER, E., Case Western Reserve University BAIR, R.A., Argonne National Laboratory BAIZER, M.M., Monsanto Company BALDESCHWIELER, J.D., California Institute of Technology BALDWIN, J.J., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories BARR, D.W., Los Alamos National Laboratory BARTELL, L.S., University of Michigan BARTLETT, R.J., Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory BASEMAN, R.J., University of California, Berkeley BAUGHCUM, S.L., Los Alamos National Laboratory BEAUCHAMP, J.L., California Institute of Technology BECKER, E.D., National Institutes of Health BELL, A.T., University of California, Berkeley BENKOVIC, S., Pennsylvania State University BENNER, S., Harvard University BENSON, S., University of Southern California BENTE, P., Hewlett-Packard Company BERCAW, J., California Institute of Technology BERGMAN, R., University of California, Berkeley BERRY, M., Rice University 332 BERSON, J., Yale University BIENENSTOCK, A., Stanford University BIGELEISEN, J., State University of New York, Stony Brook BLOUT, E.R., Harvard University BOUDART, M., Stanford University BRESLOW, R., Columbia University BREWER, L., University of California, Berkeley BROWN, M.S., University of Texas, Austin BUCHI, G., Massachusetts Institute of Technology BURRIS, R.H., University of Wisconsin, Madison BURWELL, R., Northwestern University BUSCH, K.L., Purdue University BUSS, R.J., University of California, Berkeley BYER, R.L., Stanford University CAIRNS, E., Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory CALVERT, J., National Center for Atmospheric Research CANE, D.E., Brown University CAPORALE, L.H., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories CARDILLO, M.J., AT&T Bell Laboratories CARGILL, G.S., IBM Corporation CASEY, C.P., University of Wisconsin CASIDA, J.E., University of California, Berkeley CECH, T.R., University of Colorado CHAN, A., Monsanto Company CHAN, S., California Institute of Technology CHAN, W.Y., University of Arizona CHANDLER, D.E., University of Pennsylvania CHANDROSS, E.A., AT&T Bell Laboratories CHANG, J., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory CHIANELLI, R.R., Exxon Corporation

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APPENDIX B CHISHOLM, M., University of Indiana CHOWDHRY, U., E.I. du pont de Nemours and Company, Inc. CHRISTENSEN, B., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories CLARDY, J., Cornell University CLARK, J., University of Pennsylvania CLEMENTI, E., IBM Corporation CODY, R.B., Jr., Nicolet Analytical Instruments COLEMAN, J.T., University of Illinois COLLINS, T.J., California Institute of Technology COLLMAN, J., Stanford University COOKS, R.G., Purdue University COOPER, G., Harvard University CORDES, E.H., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories COREY, E.J., Harvard University COTTON, F.A., Texas A&M University COWAN, D., The Johns Hopkins University COWLEY, A.H., The University of Texas at Austin CRAM, D., University of California, Los Angeles CREMERS, D.A., Los Alamos National Laboratory DAHL, L.F., University of Wisconsin DANISHEFSKY, S.J., Yale University DARMEN, P., University of Arizona DAUBEN, W., University of California, Berkeley DAVIDSON, E.R., Indiana University DELUCA, H.F., University of Wisconsin DLOTT, D.D., University of Illinois, Urbana DOLL, J., Los Alamos National Laboratory DOLPHIN, D., University of British Columbia, Canada DOMBEK, B.D., Union Carbide Corporation DONARUMA, L., Polytechnic Institute of New York DONNELL, E.P., Chemical Abstracts Service DOYLE, M.P., Trinity University DUNNING, T., Argonne National Laboratory DUPUY, C., University of Colorado EDELSON, E., New York Daily News ELLIOT, J., BioInformation Associates ELLIS, P.D., University of South Carolina ERDAL, B.R., Los Alamos National Laboratory ESSIGMANN, J., Massachusetts Institute of Technology EVANS, D., University of Wisconsin EYRING, L., Arizona State University FARRAR, T.C., University of Wisconsin, Madison FAULKNER, L., University of Illinois, Urbana FELLER, R.L., Carnegie-Mellon Institute of 333 Research FENSELAU, C., The Johns Hopkins University FERGUSON, E.E., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration FIELD, R., Massachusetts Institute of Technology FILNER, P., Plant Cell Research Institute, ARCO FLYNN, G.W., Columbia University FORNSHELL, R.L., Exxon Corporation FORSTER, D., Monsanto Company FOWLER, J., Brookhaven National Laboratory FREI, H., University of California, Berkeley FRIEND, C., Harvard University GARDNER, J., Hoffmann-LaRoche, Incorporated GASSMAN, P.G., University of Minnesota GIDDINGS, J.C., University of Utah GILBERT, W., Biogen GLASS, A.M., AT&T Bell Laboratories GODDARD, W.A., III, California Institute of Technology GOODBY, J.W., AT&T Bell Laboratories GRIFFITHS, P.R., University of California, Riverside GROSS, M.L., University of Nebraska, Lincoln GROVES, J., University of Michigan GRUBBS, R., California Institute of Technology GUTOWSKY, H.S., University of Illinois, Urbana MADLY, M.E., University of Arizona HAHN, R.L., Oak Ridge National Laboratory HALL, K., University of Wisconsin HAMMES, G.G., Cornell University HAMMOND, G., Allied Corporation HARDING, L.B., Argonne National Laboratory HARMONY, M., University of Kansas HARTFORD, A., Jr., Los Alamos National Laboratory HAY, P.J., Los Alamos National Laboratory HAZEN, R.M., Carnegie Institution, Washington, D.C. HEATHCOCK, C.J., University of California, Berkeley HEINEMAN, W.R., University of Cincinnati HERCULES, D.M., University of Pittsburgh HEXTER, R.M., University of Minnesota HIRSCHFELD, T., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory HOCHSTRASSER, R., University of Pennsylvania HOFFMAN, D., University of California, Berkeley HOFFMAN, M., Kansas State University HOLM, R., Harvard University HOLTOM, G., University of Pennsylvania HOPFIELD, J.J., California Institue of

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334 APPENDIX B Technology HOUSE, G.L., Eastman Kodak Company HRUBY, V.J., University of Arizona HUIZENGA, J., University of Rochester HYNES, J.T., University of Colorado INCHALIK, E.J., Exxon Research and Engineering Company INCHAUK, R., Exxon Corporation ISENHOUR, T.L., Utah State University JAKOBSEN, R., Battelle Corporation JELLUM, E., University of Oslo, Norway JENCKS, W.P., Brandeis University JESSON, P., E.I. du Font de Nemours and Company, Inc. JETT, J.H., Los Alamos National Laboratory JOHNSON, D.R., National Bureau of Standards JOHNSON, P.M., State University of New York, Stony Brook JONAS, J., University of Illinois JOYCE, R.M., Hockessin, DE (retired from du Pont) JURS, P., Pennsylvania State University KAISER, E.T., Rockefeller University KALDOR, A., Exxon Corporation KAMEN, M., University of California, San Diego KARGER, B.L., Northeastern University KATZ, J.J., Argonne National Laboratory KATZER, J.R., Cornell University KAUFMAN, F., University of Pittsburgh (deceased) KELLER, R., Los Alamos National Laboratory (deceased) KELLER, R.A., State University of New York, Fredonia KELLEY, F.N., University of Akron KING, C.J., University of California, Berkeley KINSEY, J.L., Massachusetts Institute of Technology KIRSHENBAUM, I., Exxon Corporation KISHI, Y., Harvard University KISSINGER, P.T., Purdue University KLEMPERER, W., Harvard University KNITTEL, J.J., Rutgers University KOCHI, J., University of Houston KOENIG, K.E., Monsanto Company KOHN, G.K., Zoecon Corporation KONECKY, M.S., Exxon Research and Engineering Company KOSHLAND, D., University of California, Berkeley KRAUSS, M.A., National Bureau of Standards KRAUT, J., University of California, San Diego KRUGER, J., National Bureau of Standards KUBO, I., University of California, Berkeley KWIRAM, A., University of Washington LABANA, S.S., Ford Motor Company LAMBRECHT, R., Brookhaven National Laboratory LANGER, R., Massachusetts Institute of Technology LAUDISE, R.A., AT&T Bell Laboratories LEE, Y.T., University of California, Berkeley LEFKOWITZ, R.J., Duke University LEONE, S.R., University of Colorado LEVY, G.C., Syracuse University LINEBERGER, W.C., University of Colorado LIPPARD, S.J., Massachusetts Institute of Technology LIPSCHUTZ, M.E., Purdue University LIU, B., IBM Corporation LYKOS, P., Illinois Institute of Technology LYTLE, F.W., Boeing Corporation LYNN, D., University of Chicago LYTLE, F.E., Purdue University MACDIARMID, A., University of Pennsylvania MACIAS, E.S., Washington University, St. Louis MACIEL, G.E., Colorado State University MADIX, R.J., Stanford University MANDAVA, B., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency MARGRAVE, J., Rice University MARKS, T.J., Northwestern University MARTIN, J.C., Los Alamos National Laboratory MATWIYOFF, N.A., University of New Mexico MAXWELL, B., Princeton University McBRIDE, J.M., Yale University MCCALL, D.W., AT&T Bell Laboratories MCCAMMON, J.A., University of Houston MCDOWELL, R.S., Los Alamos National Laboratory MCGARRY, F., Massachusetts Institute of Technology MCLEAN, A.D., IBM Corporation MEINWALD, J., Cornell University MICHL, J., University of Utah MILLER, C.M., Los Alamos National Laboratory MILLER, E., University of Wisconsin, Madison MILLER, J., University of Wisconsin, Madison MILLER, L., University of Minnesota MILLER. W.H., University of California, Berkeley MILNER, P.C., AT&T Bell Laboratories MITCHELL, J.W., AT&T Bell Laboratories MOORE, D.S., Los Alamos National Laboratory MORGAN, J., California Institute of Technology MORRIS, D., Monsanto Company MORRISON, G.H., Cornell University MOSBERG, H.I., University of Michigan

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APPENDIX B MUETTERTIES, E., University of California, Berkeley (deceased) MULLINS, L.J., Los Alamos National Laboratory MURPHY, D.W., AT&T Bell Laboratories MURRAY, R., University of North Carolina NEMETHY, G., Cornell University NEWNAM, B.E., Los Alamos National Laboratory NICHOLSON, R.S., National Science Foundation NOGAR, N.S., Los Alamos National Laboratory NORRIS, J.R., Argonne National Laboratory NOVOTNY, M.V., University of Indiana OHRN, N.Y., University of Florida, Gainesville OLAH, G.A., University of Southern California OLDFIELD, E., University of Illinois, Urbana ORMBERG, J., University of Arizona ORME-JOHNSON, W., Massachusetts Institute of Technology OSGOOD, R.M., Columbia University OSTERYOUNG, J.G., State University of New York, Buffalo OSTERYOUNG, R.A., State University of New York, Buffalo OVERBERGER, C., University of Michigan OVERBURY, S.H., Oak Ridge National Laboratory OXTOBY, D.W., University of Chicago PACANSKY, T.J., IBM Corporation PAQUETTE, L., Ohio State University PARISER, R., E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc. PARMENTER, C.S., University of Indiana PARSHALL, G., E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc. PASTAN, I., National Institutes of Health PATCHETT, A., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories PAUL, M.A., Merrick, NY (retired) PERLMAN, M., Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute PINES, A., University of California, Berkeley PITTS, J.N., University of California, Riverside PITZER, K.S., University of California, Berkeley PLATTNER, R.D., U.S. Department of Agriculture PORTER, N., Duke University PORTER, R.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst POSKANZER, A.M., Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory POWERS, D.A., Sandia National Laboratory PRESTEGAARD, J.H., Yale University QUIGLEY, G.P., Los Alamos National Laboratory 335 RABALAIS, J.W., University of Houston RABINOVITCH, B.S., University of Washington, Seattle RABINOW, J., National Bureau of Standards RATSETTER, W.H., Genentech, Incorporated RAYMOND, K., University of California, Berkeley RENTZEPIS, P.M., AT&T Bell Laboratories RICH, A., Massachusetts Institute of Technology RICHARDS, J.H., California Institute of Technology RINEHART, K.L., University of Illinois, Urbana RIVIER, J., The Salk Institute ROBERTS, D., Rutgers University ROBINSON, F.M., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories ROCKAWAY, T.W., Bioresearch, Inc. ROELOFS, W.L., Cornell University ROGERS, L.B., University of Georgia ROKACH, J., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research laboratories ROSENBLATT, G.M., Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory ROSENBLATT, M., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories ROSS, P., Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory RYAN, J.W., Dow Corning Corporation SALZMAN, G.C., Los Alamos National Laboratory SAMARA, G.A., Sandia National Laboratory SANDER, R.K., Los Alamos National Laboratory SAWER, K.H., University of California, Berkeley SAWYER, T.K., Upjohn Company SAYKALLY, R.J., University of California, Berkeley SCHAEFER, H.F., III, University of California, Berkeley SCHAEFER, W.P., California Institute of Technology SCHERAGA, H.A., Cornell University SCHMIDT, L.D., University of Minnesota SCHWARTZ, J., Princeton University SCOLNICK, E.M., University of Illinois, Urbana SETSER, D.W., Kansas State University SHAIR, F.H., California Institute of Technology SHANER, J.W., Los Alamos National Laboratory SHANK, C.V., AT&T Bell Laboratories SHAPIRO, J., University of Illinois, Urbana SHARP, P.A., Massachusetts Institute of Technology SHARPLESS, B., Massachusetts Institute of

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336 APPENDIX B Technology SHECHTER, A., National Institutes of Health SHEN, T.Y., University of Illinois, Urbana SHEPARD, R.L., Argonne National Laboratory SHEPPARD, R.C., MRC Laboratory SHIELD, L.S., University of Illinois, Urbana SHIRLEY, D.A., University of California, Berkeley SHRIVER, D.F., Northwestern University SIEVERS, R.E., University of Colorado SILBERKLANG, M., Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories SINFELT, J.H., Exxon Corporation SINSKEY, A.J., Massachusetts Institute of Technology SMALLEY, R.E., Rice University SNYDER, J.J., Los Alamos National Laboratory SRINIVASAN, R., IBM Corporation STEIN, D.R., The Gmelin Institute, West Germany STEINFELD, J.I., Massachusetts Institute of Technology STADTMAN, T.C., National Institutes of Health STILL, W.C., Columbia University STAYER, L., Stanford University SUTIN, N., Brookhaven National Laboratory TALBERT, W.L., Los Alamos National Laboratory TAYLOR, D.J., Los Alamos National Laboratory THOMAS, L.J., Eastman Kodak Company TIEE, J.J., Los Alamos National Laboratory TOBIAS, C., University of California, Berkeley TOLLES, W., U.S. Naval Research Laboratory TOLMAN, C.A., E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc. TROST, B.M., University of Wisconsin, Madison TRUHLAR, D.G., University of Minnesota TULLY, J.C., AT&T Bell Laboratories TURKEVICH, A., University of Chicago TURRO, N.J., Columbia University VALE, W.W., The Salk Institute VALENTINE, J., University of California, Los Angeles VAN DUYNE, R.P., Northwestern University VAN HOVE, M.A., University of California, Berkeley VENKATARAGHARAN, R., Lederle Laboratory WADT, W.R., Los Alamos National Laboratory WAGNER, A.F., Argonne National Laboratory WALLACE, T.C., Los Alamos National Laboratory WANG, D.I.C., Massachusetts Institute of Technology WASSERMAN, E., E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc. WATANABE, K.A., Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute WAUGH, J.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology WEEKS, J.D., AT&T Bell Laboratories WEI, J.R., Massachusetts Institute of Technology WEISZ, P.B., Mobil Research and Development Corporation WENDER, P., Stanford University WERNICK, J.H., Bell Communications Research WESSEL, J., Aerospace Corporation WESTHEIMER, F.H., Harvard University WETZEL, R., Genentech, Incorporated WHEELER, J.C., University of California, San Diego WHITE, J.M., The University of Texas at Austin WHITESIDES, T.H., Eastman Kodak Corporation WIBERG, K.B., Yale University WIGHTMAN, M., University of Indiana WILKINS, C.L., Northeastern University WILSON, T.P., Union Carbide Corporation WINOGRAD, N., Pennsylvania State University WIPKE, W.T., University of California, Santa Cruz WITTIG, C., University of Southern California WOLF, A.P., Brookhaven National Laboratory WOOD, J.M., University of Minnesota WRIGHTON, M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology WYATT, R.E., The University of Texas at Austin WYMER, R.G., Oak Ridge National Laboratory YATES, J., University of Pittsburgh YEAGER, E., Case Western Reserve University ZARE, R.N., Stanford University ZENER, N., Case Western Reserve University ZEWAIL, A.H., California Institute of Technology ZIMMERMAN, H.E., University of Wisconsin, Madison ZURER, P.S., Chemical and Engineering News