FIGURE 5-2 Percent minority accrual for 1997 cooperative groups.

SOURCE: National Cancer Institute.

30 percent are ethnic minority patients. Significantly, 14 percent are Hispanic, whereas 7 percent of the participants are African American. POG enrolls 31 percent minority females and 34 percent minority males, including 14 and 15 percent female and male Hispanics, respectively; 11 and 14 percent female and male African Americans, respectively; and 4 and 3 percent female and male Asian Americans, respectively (Figure 5-1). Bleyer et al., (1997) published a report supporting the conclusion that the accrual of ethnic minorities in POG and CCG is proportional to the incidence of cancer among ethnic minority group children, using enrollment data for nearly 30,000 children enrolled in these trials from January 1991 through June 1994. This study found that 11.6 percent of patients were Hispanic, 10.4 percent were African American, and 4.7 percent were from

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