• Probalemente … Usted Necesita Hacerse un Mamogram (Chances Are … You Need a Mammogram)
  • Preguntas para Hacerle a Su Medico sober el Cancer del Zeno (Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Cancer)
  • El conocimiento: Es parte de la cure (Knowledge: It's Part of the Cures; print public service announcement)
  • Los mamogramas: No Solomente una Vez, Sino por Toda una Vida (brochure and bookmark)
  • Datos y Consejos para Dejar de Fumar (Smoking Facts and Tips for Quitting)
  • Celebre la Cocina Hispana (Hispanic recipe book)
  • ¡Su Familia se Merece los Mejores Alimentos! (booklet and poster)
  • Coma Menos Grasa (tip sheet)
  • Rompa con el Vicio. Una Guia para Dejar de Fumar
  • La Prueba Pap: Un Metodo para Diagnosticar Cancer del Cuello del Utero (brochure)

Native Americans

  • Taking Control of Your Health: The Pap Test and Cervical Cancer (videotape)
  • Traditional Foods Can Be Healthy (booklet)

Multiethnic Mammography Materials (Featuring African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and White Women)

  • Understanding Breast Changes: A Guide for All Women
  • The Facts About Breast Cancer and Mammography
  • Mammograms … Not Just Once, but for a Lifetime (an easy-to-read publication, also available in Spanish)
  • Mammograms … Not Just Once, but for a Lifetime (bookmark)
  • Why Get Mammograms? (a physician's pad with tear-off fact sheets on mammograms to give to their patients)
  • Over Age 40? Consider Mammograms (a set of five posters each featuring a women of a different race or ethnicity)
  • Cancer Facts: Breast Cancer and Mammography Facts (a book that describes rates of incidence, mortality, and mammography screening for women of different races or ethnicities)

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