American Indian or Alaskan [sic] Native


Asian or Pacific Islander








Hispanic origin


Not of Hispanic origin

When race and ethnicity are collected separately, the number of White and Black persons who are Hispanic must be identifiable, and capable of being reported in that category.

If combined format is used to collect racial and ethnic data, the minimum acceptable categories are:

American Indian or Alaskan [sic] Native

Asian or Pacific Islander

Black, not of Hispanic origin


White, not of Hispanic origin.

The category which most closely reflects the individual's recognition in his community should be used for purposes of reporting on persons who are of mixed racial and/or ethnic origins.

In no case should the provision of this Directive be construed to limit the collection of data to the categories described above. However, any reporting required which uses more detail shall be organized in such a way that the additional categories can be aggregated into these basic racial/ethnic categories.

SOURCE: U.S. Office of Management and Budget (1997).

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