• and reduces the Federal Government's ability to address adequately vital public needs;
  • (2)  

    Federal managers are seriously disadvantaged in their efforts to improve program efficiency and effectiveness, because of insufficient articulation of program goals and inadequate information on program performance; and

  • (3)  

    congressional policymaking, spending decisions and program oversight are seriously handicapped by insufficient attention to program performance and results.

  • (b)  

    PURPOSES The purposes of this Act are to—

    • (1)  

      improve the confidence of the American people in the capability of the Federal Government, by systematically holding Federal agencies accountable for achieving program results;

    • (2)  

      initiate program performance reform with a series of pilot projects in setting program goals, measuring program performance against those goals, and reporting publicly on their progress;

    • (3)  

      improve Federal program effectiveness and public accountability by promoting a new focus on results, service quality, and customer satisfaction;

    • (4)  

      help Federal managers improve service delivery, by requiring that they plan for meeting program objectives and by providing them with information about program results and service quality;

    • (5)  

      improve congressional decisionmaking by providing more objective information on achieving statutory objectives, and on the relative effectiveness and efficiency of Federal programs and spending; and

    • (6)  

      improve internal management of the Federal Government.

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