that do not have a strong infrastructure of such regulations is another driver for implementing the EMS companywide.

Maturity Is the Key for Large Organizations

For large corporations to understand where they need to go with ESH management systems, they must have a certain maturity and level of performance. Over the past decade, Lockheed Martin has established many systems, procedures, and pollution prevention technologies that have significantly reduced its environmental emissions. It also has corporatewide goals to further improve its safety performance.

Lockheed Martin has received a good deal of recognition from local and federal stakeholders, and some sites that have received that recognition see the value of good customer, regulator, and community relations. All that is a component of the management system that ISO 14001 embodies. Many of the company's larger and more sophisticated sites — as in the electronics sector — have many of these elements in place, which gave the company the basis to start moving toward a corporatewide structure.

The ESH vision that has been established has three elements. One is business unit self-governance. The concept is that if the business units have an integrated ESH management system in place that is rigorous and comprehensive, they will be in compliance with regulations. Compliance issues will never be out of focus; they will be managed effectively, like any other part of the unit's business.

The core business operations then will take ownership of ESH responsibilities. The need for external oversight from sector or corporate people who audit their programs will diminish. Thus, one goal is for people to see EMS as the next step in the evolution toward self-governance and cost-effective operations.

The second element of the vision is business unit performance such that the corporation has superior safety performance and continually decreasing environmental impact. That is the best way of complying — to prevent pollution in the first place.

Last, because of Lockheed Martin's size, diversity, and customer base, it must be viewed as an industry leader. The ISO 14001 system ensures that Lockheed Martin is among the companies in the forefront of this area, and ultimately that translates into a business opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition.

ISO 14001: A Rational Response

There are a number of important trends that make ISO 14001 a rational response. First, company demographics moved Lockheed Martin in the

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