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Fluid Replacement and Heat Stress, 1993

Pp. 11-21. Washington, D.C.

National Academy Press


Use of Electrolytes in Fluid Replacement Solutions: What Have We Learned From Intestinal Absorption Studies?

Carl V. Gisolfi1


There is abundant evidence to indicate that fluid replacement during exercise, especially in the heat, is essential to prevent hyperthermia and improve work capacity (Adolph and Associates, 1947). It is also well established that the inclusion of carbohydrates in oral hydration solutions (OHSs) can prolong exercise and improve performance (Christensen and Hansen, 1939; Coyle et al., 1983; Lamb and Brodowicz, 1964; Murray, 1987). It is considerably less clear what role electrolytes play when they are added to these solutions. Are electrolytes lost in sufficient quantities to warrant their replacement in OHSs? If not, is there any other reason to include them


Carl V. Gisolfi, Department of Exercise Science, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242

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