teaching positions, and (3) continuing professional development (inservice) for practicing teachers of science, mathematics, and technology. Consistent with the committee’s vision of making teacher preparation and professional development a seamless continuum, the committee’s specific recommendations for each of these stages in the professional lives of teachers are woven into a continuum framework. The intended audiences for each recommendation are indicated by boldface type. All of the committee’s specific recommendations are listed first in Table 7-1, then detailed below.


Local, state, and federal governments should recognize and acknowledge the need to improve teacher education in science and mathematics, as well as assist the public in understanding and supporting improvement.

Governments should understand that restructuring teacher education will require large infusions of financial support and make a strong commitment to provide the direct and indirect funding required to support local and regional partnerships for improving

Almost 10 years ago, President Bush and the state governors set goals aimed at preparing all the Nation’s children to improve their achievement in core subjects and outpace the world in at least math and science by 2000…. The urgency of the ensuing national debate on how to improve academic achievement by U.S. elementary-, middle-, and high school students—and the consequences of failing to do so—remains undiminished today. At issue is who ostensibly defines the content to be learned, and who ensures the opportunity to teach and learn it well. While resolutions will be local, the dialogue that precedes them should reflect experiences from across the Nation, as well as research and evaluation of processes and outcomes, including international comparisons.

National Science Board, 1999, page 1

teacher education in these disciplines. They also should encourage the recruitment and retention of teachers of science and mathematics through

  • low-interest student loans,

  • loan forgiveness for recently

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