This report presents recommendations regarding the overall need for interdisciplinary scientists in behavioral science and neuroscience, the type and extent of training and funding mechanisms that might be needed to support interdisciplinary training programs and research, and the overcoming of barriers to the development and support of interdisciplinary education, programs, and research.

Chapter 2 begins by providing concrete examples of health problems that require an interdisciplinary approach. It provides the context of the rest of the report.

Chapter 3 describes the obstacles to interdisciplinary research and training, ranging from personal obstacles to institutional barriers. It recommends approaches to overcome these obstacles.

Chapter 4 describes several approaches to interdisciplinary training. It reflects on the programs reviewed by the committee and the lessons learned. It recommends approaches to improving the number and quality of such programs.

Chapter 5 brings together the committee's vision of interdisciplinary training and defines the need for future assessments of training programs.


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