American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 1998 2

Ahrens, T.J., Shock wave, impact research and Earth science—Fortuitous application and research opportunities.

Boettcher, M., F.T. Wu, and E.A. Hetland, The Changbaishan, China PASSCAL Experiment: Perspectives from an IRIS intern.

Chave, A.D., J.R. Booker, and M.J. Unsworth, The magnetotelluric method in studies of continental tectonics.

Coe, R.S., Research opportunities in geomagnetism and paleomagnetism.

Crisp, D., and C.A. Raymond, NASA New Millennium Program: Space flight validation of advanced technologies for future science missions.

Fiske, R.S., Research opportunities in volcanology: A ten-year vision.

Freeman, K.H., Research opportunities in isotopic biogeochemistry: Methods, mechanisms and cross-disciplinary mysteries.

Geller, M.A., Atmosphere/solid Earth interface research.

Hager, B.H., Research opportunities and challenges in Earth sciences for the next decade.

Herring, T.A., Research opportunities in geodesy.

MacGregor, I., and S.W. Draheim, National Science Foundation: Support of research and education in the Earth sciences.

Metzger, E.P., Coordinating changes in Earth science research and science education for the benefit of both.

Orcutt, J.A., Global Earth science.

Park, J., From seismic properties to geologic processes: The next steps.

Potter, K.W., Hydrology and ecosystems.

Tanimoto, T., Surprise in Earth’s oscillation.

Weller, R.A., The hydrological cycle—Linking the ocean and atmosphere to land.

Zimbelman, J.R., A planetary perspective on upcoming research opportunities in the Earth sciences.


Research Opportunities in the Solid-Earth Sciences: A 10-Year Vision, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 6-10, 1998.

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