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    Has the Field Been Recognized for Asking and Answering Deep Physics Questions?, 76
    Are Plasma Scientists Well Represented and Trained at the Nation's Major Research Universities?, 76
    Creation of Centers of Excellence in Plasma and Fusion Science, 77
    Findings and Recommendations, 79
        Findings, 79
        Recommendations, 79
    A     Summary of Committee Meetings, 85
    B     Funding Data, 87
        Total Budget of the Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, 87
        National Science Foundation/Department of Energy Plasma Physics Partnership Funding, 89
        Office of Fusion Energy Sciences Funding to Universities, 89
    C     The Family of Magnetic Confinement Configurations, 91
        The Stellarator, 91
        The Tokamak, 92
        The Spherical Torus, 92
        The Reversed-Field Pinch, 92
        The Spheromak and the Field-Reversed Configuration, 92
        Other Concepts, 93
    D     Glossary, 94
    E     Acronyms and Abbreviations, 96

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