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Reports by the Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (listed by most recent release)

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Implications of Genomics for Public Health: Workshop Summary (2005)

Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2004 (2005)

The Smallpox Vaccination Program: Public Health in an Age of Terrorism (2005)

Vaccine Safety Research, Data Access, and Public Trust (2005)

Human Resources at U.S. Ports of Entry to Protect the Public's Health: Interim Letter Report (2005)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States (2005)

Gulf War and Health: Volume 3: Fuels, Combustion Products, and Propellants (2005)

Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance (2005)

Gulf War and Health: Updated Literature Review of Sarin (2004)

Review of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Smallpox Vaccination Program Implementation: Letter Report #6 (2004)