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Commission On Geosciences Environment And Resources

Reports and Resources

Reports (listed by most recent release)

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Comments on Catalyzing U.S. World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Activities (2001)

Reconciling Observations of Global Temperature Change (2000)

Adequacy of Climate Observing Systems (1999)

Review of Recommendations for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis: Guidance on Uncertainty and Use of Experts (1997)

The Hanford Tanks: Environmental Impacts and Policy Choices (1996)

The Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory's Thyroid Function Study: A Radiological Risk and Ethical Analysis (1996)

Mexico City's Water Supply: Improving the Outlook for Sustainability (1995)

Assigning Economic Value to Natural Resources (1994)

Environmental Science in the Coastal Zone: Issues for Further Research (1994)

Coastal Meteorology: A Review of the State of the Science (1992)