NCHRP Synthesis 365: Preserving and Using Institutional Memory Through Knowledge Management Practices
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NCHRP Synthesis 365:
Preserving and Using Institutional Memory Through Knowledge Management Practices
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TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 365: Preserving and Using Institutional Memory through Knowledge Management Practices explores practices regarding the preservation and use of institutional memory through the knowledge management practices of United States and Canadian transportation agencies. The report examines practices for the effective organization, management, and transmission of materials, knowledge, and resources that are in the unique possession of individual offices and employees.


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123 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-x
Summary 1-7
Methodology and Organization of Report 8-8
Definitions and Terminology 9-9
Knowledge Management as Business Management Process 10-11
Literature Survey Summary: Knowledge as an Asset 12-12
Literature Survey Summary: Knowledge Management as Business Process 13-13
Literature Survey Summary: Human Resource and Knowledge Management 14-14
Literature Survey Summary: Success Factors Associated with Successful Knowledge Management Programs 15-15
Literature Survey Summary: Specific Knowledge Management Practices 16-17
Literature Survey Summary: Measuring Knowledge Management Effectiveness 18-18
Synthesis of Practices Taken from Literature Survey on Leave-Taking 19-20
Whom or Where Is Your State Transportation Institutional Memory Point of Contact? 21-22
Who Exercises Strongest Leadership over Knowledge Management Practices? 23-23
Are Authority, Leadership, and Day-to-Day Overall Responsibilities the Same for Both Physical and Electronic Resources? 24-25
Does Your State Transportation Agency Have a Single Point of Contact by Which Individuals from Within or Without the Agency Can Obtain Published Information or Documents Such as Research Reports? 26-26
Knowledge Managment Budgets 27-28
Are Practices for Storing Knowledge Management Resources in Place? 29-30
Where Are Captured Sources Stored? 31-31
How Do Employees Identify and Find Knowledge Resources? 32-32
Are Stored Knowledge Management Resources Readily Available for Use in Current Work and Decision Making? 33-33
Is There an Established Practice for Destruction of Obsolete Knowledge Management Resources? 34-34
Does Agency Have Knowledge Management Training and/or Mentoring Programs for Staff Transferred to New Jobs, New Hires, or those New to Leadership?What Initiatives Have Led to Successful Participation in Knowledge Management Practices? 35-36
Virginia Department of Transportation 37-37
Maryland State Highway Administration 38-38
Texas Department of Transportation 39-39
Interview with World Bank Knowledge Management Officer 40-40
Knowledge Sharing at National Aeronautics and Space Administration 41-41
Interview with National Aeronautics and Space Administration Knowledge Management Officer 42-43
Chapter Eleven - Conclusions 44-47
References 48-50
Bibliography 51-51
Appendix A - Survey Questionnaire 52-63
Appendix B - Questionnaire Responders 64-65
Appendix C - Detailed Results for Question 1 66-67
Appendix D - Detailed Results for Questions 2-4 68-70
Appendix E - Detailed Results for Question 5 71-72
Appendix F - Detailed Results for Questions 6-17 73-82
Appendix G - Detailed Results for Questions 20-33 83-91
Appendix H - Detailed Results for Questions 34-37 92-94
Appendix I - Annotated Literature Survey Regarding Challenges Owing to High Rate of Retirements and Leave-Taking 95-98
Appendix J - Annotated Literature Survey: Standards and Guidance Documents Issued by International Standards-Developing OrganizationsRegarding Knowledge Management 99-100
Appendix K - Annotated Literature Survey on Knowledge Management Practices 101-110
Appendix L - Annotated Survey of Other Knowledge Management Resources 111-112
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 113-113

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